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The 4 Pillars

Inspire Youth Enrichment Foundation is grounded in 4 core values: academic achievement, artistic expression, athletics, and character development. Each is an important ingredient in a recipe designed to nurture and develop youth into adults who are healthy, significant, and contributing members of society.

Academic Achievement

Academic success can lead to a better quality of life. It is a pathway that enables youth to positively contribute to society. While the academic pathway may vary, but each student should have the resources to ensure success.

Artistic Expression

The arts enrich our lives and have historically been significant in the intellectual advancement of humankind. Participation in art programs can translate into improved academic performance and citizenship.


Students who have an opportunity to participate in sports learn about commitment, teamwork, and camaraderie. These lessons can contribute to their academic success. Physical activity is also an important component of a healthy lifestyle that promotes longevity.

Character Development

As the future leaders and stewards of our society, our youth must have opportunities to develop a sense of personal identity, purpose, and a belief system. This is the foundation for living by principles and making positive decisions as adults.