• Welcome to Inspire Youth Enrichment Foundation
    • Address
    • 3145 E. Chandler Blvd.
      Suite 110-345
      Phoenix, AZ 85048

    Our Vision

    A bright future for all youth through rich opportunities.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to invest our time, talent and treasure in youth, equipping them to make meaningful contributions to society; by providing:

    Scholarships for secondary education

    Support for primary education in private schools and special learning environments

    Enrichment activities such as camps, retreats, lessons, trips etc.

    A network of mentors

    Who We Are

    Inspire Youth Enrichment Foundation seeks to build a better future by making direct investments into the education of youth in our communities. Whether our students’ interests lie in academics, athletics, or creative arts, we believe it is our responsibility to provide resources to empower them to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.
    Discover Our Four Pillars

    “I was raised by a single Mom with a high school diploma. She pushed me to excel in school and take advantage of opportunity.”
    - Alisa