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Our Inspiration

The Gooding family has purposed to share their passions and leverage resources to provide youth with opportunities for a bright future.

Here’s a glimpse into their story.

The Founder's Perspective

Each of our founders holds a collection of experiences that have been instrumental to the birth of Inspire Youth Enrichment Foundation.

The history of Inspire Youth Enrichment Foundation begins with the parents, extended family, friends, and mentors of our founders. This community was influential in giving Tim, Alisa, and Jessica a positive outlook on education, even when they had difficult experiences as students. These experiences increased their passion for education and the opportunities during childhood that cultivate character, resilience, and compassion.


Growing up I never had a doubt that education was important; at a very young age we discussed the possibilities. Despite being a special ed student, going to college was expected; it was not an option.” My early school challenges and my experience as a school administrator showed me how important confidence is to academic success. In many cases, the arts and athletics can help kids gain that confidence and improve their work in the classroom.

My Mom had the Ivy League experience, and for her generation education was the ticket to success. My Dad and Step Dad came from disadvantaged backgrounds, but they still saw college as the way out, even if it took longer to get there. They all encouraged me and I’m glad I listened to their wisdom. I want to provide that kind of support for others.


I was raised by a single mom with a high school education in the housing projects of New York City. We lived on and off welfare for many years. She pushed me to excel in school and take advantage of every opportunity. My Aunt Rosalie also taught me the importance of giving and working hard to achieve a better life. She not only talked about it; she lived it by helping me get through college. It is because of the encouragement, discipline, and material support of my Mom, Aunt, and many other family members that I stayed in school and did not become a statistic. I cherish every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young women who have great potential.


I grew up in a family that valued education, values and character and I’ve been blessed to attend college, which was an amazing experience that opened a lot of doors for me. I want other kids to have that experience. I also know many smart and talented people who didn’t use their potential because they didn’t get the opportunity. I want to change that reality. Most people know someone who didn’t get a fair shot, so our work is absolutely needed for today’s youth.