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IYEF offers a number of mentorship and community service opportunities.

Mentorship Program

Our students need more than just the material support of their community to see sustainable success. That’s why Inspire Youth Enrichment Foundation places special emphasis on providing healthy, supportive advisor-mentee relationships that give children, teens and young adults the guidance they need to excel. At the start of each award period, we assign a mentor to each scholarship recipient and host an opening workshop to help recipients set goals for the upcoming academic term and/or athletic season. Mentors and mentees interact on a routine basis to ensure that every mentee makes progress toward his or her goals. At the end of the award period, we host a closing workshop where mentors and mentees can share their experiences and achievements, and give feedback on the program. In addition to investing in the growth of our scholarship recipients, IYEF also provides opportunities for them to create and share their own legacies of success. Every graduate, undergraduate, and high school student who renews a scholarship participates as a mentor to another scholarship recipient.

Community Service/Character Education Initiatives

Character and service lie at the core of IYEF’s values. During each award period, in partnership with local organizations, we develop a community service event that is open to all scholarship recipients. These events are designed to both enrich the community and to expose our youth to various community organizations and causes. Volunteering at community service events provides real-world learning experiences that build character and skills to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.