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    Learn about IYEF's impact from the students and parents they have helped.

    Margaret V. Diggs Creative Arts Scholarship Recipients – Valley Youth Theater Summer Musical Camp

    Parent Testimonials

     “Our son spent five days a week, 8 hours a day at the VYT summer camp and when it was time to come home, he consistently asked for more time. At age 7 he was able to find a passion that excites him and gives him the opportunity to express himself and experience pure joy.”

    “Working with Valley Youth Theatre every year is something that really helps her learn more skills, but she gets a feeling of belonging. This year without the scholarship she would not have been able to attend. She mentioned how going the camp helps her believe in herself.”

    “She faced a tough year last year with bullying and other things that just caused many doubts about who she is. Valley Youth Theatre is always a great gift to her, and we try to put her in every year.”

    “He was more confident and most importantly had significantly increased his ability to regulate his emotions in stressful or otherwise triggering situations. I credit the time he spent with like-minded children and adults at Valley Youth Theatre.”

    I am a senior at Northern Arizona University. After my sophomore year, I was given the opportunity to study abroad as a junior. Despite scholarships, a job, and family support, I did not have enough money to fund the trip. Mrs. Alisa Gooding gave me an opportunity to earn extra money by hiring me for 2 summer projects. Not only did I earn the money I needed, but I also grew in my creative and organizational skills. At the end of the summer Mrs. Gooding gave me a very special gift…a laptop computer! I am so grateful to the Gooding family for their support in ensuring my success. I have completed the year of study in France, and I’ve been accepted into the Honor Society at NAU. Thank you again for taking a personal interest in my achievement!

    An undergraduate student

    Dr. Tim Gooding has been a wonderful mentor to my son. He has been a big supporter of my son's efforts to make up classes in summer school. Initially, we were not approved for a scholarship through the school district, and I could not afford to pay for his classes. Dr. Gooding stepped in paid for the sessions so my son could stay on track to graduate on time. During the summer break, Dr. Tim spent time with my son discussing his future plans.  When my son expressed an interest in the medical field, Dr. Gooding arranged for him to meet a colleague who is a professor in the community college system. Together, they took my son to visit the college and learn more about the program. I thank Dr. Gooding so much; with his generous support and mentorship, I know that my son has a bright outlook on his future.

    A K-12 parent